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Have you ever wanted your own branded fabric line?

We Can Do That For You!

Custom design services

Trellis Studio offers a couture custom design service unparalleled in the industry. We work with you to be sure you are getting exactly what you want, and we can create any design you can imagine. The joy of holding your own personally designed fabric can be exhilarating!

An example of our typical client is an interior designer. We work with the designer to establish a branded line with an initial base of three (3) different designs. The designer is able to maintain either an exclusive line that they market and sell themselves to their end customers at an agreed upon MSRP, or you may wish to open the line up to multiple markets and receive a licensing fee.

Our studio has the assets that can help get you there with experts in textile design, printing on a variety of surfaces, product development, manufacturing expertise both domestic and international, and a strong resume from some of the leading brands.

Our reputation for offering excellent designs, fabric, and wallpaper is built on two important factors: exclusive designs by our experienced artists; and close working relationships with carefully chosen expert printers and weavers.

Contact us directly at info@trellisstudio.com for more information.